Lace Closure Braid wig

Neatly and Tightly Done for long term use. Handmade cornrows Braid wig


1111181181181818181885188518852222424242513B2513B2513B272727303030333333350350350444666606060613#613#613#850K850K850K99J99J99JBlue3Blue3Blue3BUGBUGBUGGreen2Green2Green2GreyGreyGreyGrey2Grey2Grey2PinkPinkPinkPink2Pink2Pink2PurplePurplePurplePurple2Purple2Purple2Purple3Purple3Purple3RedRedRedYallowYallowYallowYallow 2Yallow 2Yallow 2YG171YG171YG171YGBDYGBDYGBD

Neatly and Tightly Done for long term use
Handmade cornrows Braid wig
Material :: Lace Closure
Guaranteed to last for 2 years
Length :: Waist length

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1, 118, 18, 1885, 2, 24, 2513B, 27, 30, 33, 350, 4, 6, 60, 613#, 850K, 99J, Blue3, BUG, Green2, Grey, Grey2, Pink, Pink2, Purple, Purple2, Purple3, Red, Yallow, Yallow 2, YG171, YGBD


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